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About Pam

The very last thing I ever wanted to be was ordinary. Instead, I wanted to live a conventional life in a memorable way. To be the same as everybody else—but still make a noticeable difference.

I followed the traditional route—got married; started a family—but there was nothing noteworthy about it. I was a fairly average wife. A typical mother of preschoolers—devoted, but desperate. And a faithful churchgoer with an unremarkable faith.

Until I discovered even ordinary life was just too much for me. That’s when I did something shocking.

About PamI gave up.

I gave up control, gave up my expectations—and gave back to God what was His in the first place. And that’s when things got exciting. My life started making a difference the minute I let God start making a difference in me. He took all my “ordinary” and transformed it into something spectacular. (You can read the rest of that story here.)

There hasn’t been a dull moment since.

About Reclaimed

1) to take back what was given away;
2) to convert or transform;
3) to make a wasteland produce again.

The last thing I want for anyone is ordinary. Ordinary is tough. Ordinary is tiresome. And ordinary is not enough for a set-apart people.

I invite you to experience everyday life in the hands of an extraordinary God. Witness the radical transformation that begins the minute we give him the unclaimed areas of our lives. God will bring new life out of all our wasteland, giving meaning to the mundane and turning our mess into miracles.

Together we will take our everyday, ordinary lives—our sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around lives—and place them before God as an offering (Romans 12:1). Together we will celebrate how amazing life becomes.

Are you fed up with ordinary? Are you ready for something more? Are you willing to let God reclaim your life?

Everyday living. Extraordinary Life.

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